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Welcome to ScreenedWelcome to Screened
Welcome to ScreenedWelcome to Screened

Screened was established as a platform to connect project professionals to new projects across the Construction, Mining, Oil & Gas and Trades industries. It allows companies to plan ahead of projects up to months in advance and create talent pools of highly competent professionals to avoid any shortfalls in staffing.

Companies can create their own in-house project teams by either selecting pre-screened staff currently on our website or by listing a project and allowing candidates to review and apply directly. When you post a project it is automatically sent to our in-house database containing over 250,000 project professionals.

When you receive an application for your project you will automatically receive information normally gathered during an interview such as rate, years of experience, qualifications and a brief summary. Screened has pre-populated forms that candidates are required to complete prior to submitting an application.

Our unique model provides you with an alternative to traditional recruitment methods and the usual job boards. We offer increased flexibility, cost savings and value added services for seasonal requirements and new growth related projects.